Around Namsan Park (South Korea)

Namsan Park climbs along the slope of Mt. Namsan, on which North Seoul Tower, a city landmark, offers an unobstructed panoramic view of the city. Below it are the eight-sided pavilion called Palgakjeong, a botanical garden, the Namsan Public Library, Patriot Ahn Jung-geun Memorial Hall and various other facilities. Meandering paths and jogging courses through lush trees make this a perfect spot to unwind the perfect end of the day. For an easy ascent of Mt. Namsan, visitors can take the cable car from the foot of the mountain or take the steps leading past Namsan Botanical Garden to Palgakjeong observatory from where you can see Seoul in its entirety, and a newly renovated multi-cultural space bringing art and technology together. Hancook, a Korean-style restaurant and other dining facilities providing great night views are also located within the tower.

The northern end of Mt. Namsan is dotted with cultural facilities. Korea House offers traditional cuisine and traditional performing arts programs in an elegant ambiance. Namsangol Hanok Village has a cluster of traditional houses that was relocated and refurbished some years ago. The National Theater’s opera and dance companies provide colorful repertoires all year round, and for those interested in learning about the traditional Korean tea ceremony cookery and etiquette, you can do so at Yejiwon.